Rick Deuce, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, turned a misunderstanding into an iconic brand.  In 2012, Rick jokingly made a shirt stating, “Im a Public Figure.” Little did he know this would evolve into an overnight success.  As a child, Rick was not the most fashionable nor the most popular, but his creativity and passion allowed him to cultivate, empower and promote positivity within himself and his community.  


The Public Figure philanthropic efforts include the Jackson Public School District, Neighborhood Christian Center, The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson, in addition to staged community cleanup programs, voter registration and sponsored trips to registration polls.


Increasing his confidence, Rick quickly found his public and self-identity.  He wanted to promote a sense of love and appreciation for each customer through Public Figure.  Rick continues to provide self-identity through his brand and iletting the world know, itokay to be yourself, regardless of what others may say or think of you.


Public Figure advocates include Nick Cannon, YFN Lucci, YFN Kay, DJ Lavish Lee, Street Bud, Jason Mitchell, Juvenile, K. Michelle, Kirk Frost, DJ T. Lewis, Hot Boy Turk, 8 Ball & MJG, DeVante Harris, JJ Williamson, Mike Jones, Boskoe 100 and many more…just to name a few.